Tips to Improve Knowledge Gaining Style

booksBy Sumbla Salman (Guest Writer)

Some beneficial tips for students to improve knowledge gaining style:
According to what I think, its possible for a student to change his knowledge gaining style. The only thing required is motivation, so it is definitely possible to change knowledge gaining style for the better.
Reading can be improved by:
• Previewing a topic that is to be read to see how it has been organized, its headings and subheadings.
• Active reading: when some familiar stuff shows up, you try to recall what you know, anticipate what could be coming next and how this information relates to what you already know.
For better understanding:
• Summarize  in your own words.
• Link information to all the possibilities.
• Raise questions.
• Make notes.
For better recall:
• Taking notes in a way that can make their recall easier such as marking with colored pens, making diagrams and charts.
• Mind-mapping can be very helpful in putting the important information in spotlight and inter-linking the information. Such maps are a great help in recalling quickly different aspects of the information.
• Writing down explanations in own words can be a big help in quick review because the matter is simplified and as it was written by our own self, it is easily recalled.
There are certain external influences which prevent knowledge acquisition, which you definitely need to control are as follows:

• Procrastination: it usually means one word, delaying. You put off assignments for the very last minute until you only have time to make up an assignment that is not up to the mark and also you don’t learn much from it.

• Unrealistic allotment of time, i.e., it is not possible for you to cover a topic in less than 2 hours yet you allot it 1 and a half hour. This unrealistic approach will usurp the whole time table.
• Distractions: for example you have your cellphone by your side and you check for Facebook updates every 15 minutes or so. It takes up a considerable chunk of time leaving you lagging behind the schedule.
• Too much stress can debilitate a person and impair his memory and cognitive skills.
• Improper sleeping habits lead to sleepiness during lectures and studying thus making a person lose focus.