Fitrah- A Gift From God

By Ferdousy Akhter Tani


Do you ever get that guilty feeling after you do something wrong, like you become shy to look up and think of God? Or do you ever in spite of yourself, completely involuntarily, seek Him? That’s fitrah!

Fitrah is the natural inclination to believe in one God. It is said that if a child were left alone to himself, he would grow up believing in one God. (Philips, 2005)

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that he used to say the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “There is no child who is not born in a state of Fitrah, then his parents make him a Jew or a Christian or a Magian, just as animals bring forth animals with their limbs intact, do you see any deformed one among them?” Then Abu Hurairah said: “Recite, if you wish: Allah’s Fitrah with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Khalqillah.” (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 7, Book of Qadr, Ch. 6, Hadith 6755)

This natural disposition to believe in one God has been imprinted into all human beings because of the covenant Allah took from all of mankind.


Allah says in the Qur’an:

And [mention] when your Lord took from the children of Adam – from their loins – their descendants and made them testify of themselves, [saying to them], “Am I not your Lord?” They said, “Yes, we have testified.” [This] – lest you should say on the day of Resurrection, “Indeed, we were of this unaware.”

Or [lest] you say, “It was only that our fathers associated [others in worship] with Allah before, and we were but descendants after them. Then would You destroy us for what the falsifiers have done?” [7:172-173]


So all children are upon the fitrah, and it is in many cases their parents who raise them opposing it and make them follow their own customs instead, by providing them a non- ‘fitrah-friendly’ environment to grow up in.

Neuroscience research supports the idea that the brain is primed to ‘believe’, says Jordan Grafman, PhD, director of the cognitive neuroscience section at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. (Azar, 2010)

Professor Andrew Clark, from the Paris School of Economics, and co-author Dr Orsolya Lelkes, from the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research are of the view that religion in general, might act as a “buffer” that protects people from life’s disappointments. Professor Leslie Francis, from the University of Warwick believes that the benefit might involve the increased “purpose of life” experienced by many believers that may not be as strongly felt among non-believers. (Sato, 2009)

Believing in God has several psychological benefits:

  • It helps one seek assurance from a “higher power” during different crises of life
  • It helps to cope with adversity when times are difficult
  • It works as a barrier to harming others and oneself because of the accountability towards God, which in turn prevents a person from getting into trouble
  • It bolsters one’s confidence to face challenges in life by seeking help from God
  • It makes a person aware that his actions have consequences
  • It aids in coping with anxiety and fear that faced in one’s life
  • It makes a person motive-driven, as he knows that life has a purpose


Fitrah is a true gift from God, as it keeps a person in check, increases his self-control, and makes him conscious of his actions. It is like a fire alarm that goes off whenever the smoke of misdeeds reaches us, and our heart buzzes with what we called ‘guilt’. It is the belief that we are constantly under supervision, all day every day, and nothing escapes Him, the One who sees and hears everything.


It is because of fitrah we stop ourselves from straying off the path in our journey to success even when things are difficult, or seem impossible. People with a religious mindset tend to deal with the loss of loved ones, of wealth, or of job much better than people with no religious beliefs – as they understand that there is a reason for the loss, and if dealt with patiently, it will only lead to a greater good.

Fitrah also pushes us towards goodness. A person believing in one God and believing in the purpose of life, which is to worship Him alone, will strive to please Him. So believers tend to contribute more to the society, help people in distress and support others in times of need – all for His sake. This results in a positive effect on the overall society.

On the other hand, a person who has wandered off from his fitrah, has lost the anchor to goodness. He is like a person who has been plunged into total darkness without any direction. This person may walk towards mischief that harms not only him but the society as a whole. He may not care to check his speed limit when the police or any surveillance camera is not around. He may not care to hand over the cash he picked up off the street to the lady who dropped it if no one is watching. He may live a life not caring to contribute to the society if there isn’t anything in it for him. He may simply live life – just for himself.

Fitrah acts as a lighthouse which keeps us from getting lost. It protects us from self-destruction. One who can hold onto their fitrah amidst all struggles is the one who is protected. And in essence, nurturing the fitrah is what contributes to the physical and mental well-being of a person and protects him from harm’s way.


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Husn udh-Dhann Billah – Having Good Opinion of Allah

By Naila Naiyyar


Husn udh-dhann billah means having a good opinion of Allah. It refers to being certain of receiving only good from Him; to have positive thoughts about Him, believing that He will deal with us in the best of ways. Allah says, “I am as My servant thinks I am”. (Bukhari) That is, in order for us to expect something good from Allah we have to truly believe that He is capable of giving that good.

Thinking well of Allah is a fundamental aspect of our worship. How can we worship Him the way He deserves to be worshipped when we are not aware of His Attributes or when we think that He is akin to the people around us?

One of the main causes of lacking  husn udh-dhann billah is our comparing Allah and His Attributes to those of humans, wrongly assuming that Allah will not be good to us because we ignored Him; or that He is One who takes pleasure from our sufferings and will not listen to our pleas because we disobeyed Him (na’udhubillah); or that since we have indulged in the worst of sins, He will put us in the blazing hell-fire, wondering why will He even consider us for heaven as there are so many pious people that already exist!  All such thoughts indicate that we do not know who Allah actually is or how Just and Merciful He is.

In order to avoid all these negative thoughts, we need to study and know the Attributes of Allah. Allah is nothing like any of His creation. He is free of defect and deficiencies. His Promise is always true and He never forgets. Even the tiniest of our deeds does not escape His Attention. He is never too busy to ignore us. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him, nor sleep. He always remembers us no matter how many times we forget Him. We need to firmly believe that Allah answers our duas, forgives us and that He is enough for us. Count all your Blessings and ponder over your past, recounting all the moments that Allah never let you down.

This lack of education on our part helps shaytaan play with our minds and heart. This creates hopelessness in us and we begin to despair the Mercy of Allah.

I will share two great examples of this from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Example 1:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) set out of his home with Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) as his companion to migrate to Madeenah, while the Quraysh were conspiring against him. They hid in the cave of Thawr, and Abu Bakr said to him (peace be upon him) “If one of them looks down at his feet he will see us.” He (peace be  upon him) said, “What do you think, O Abu Bakr, of two the third of whom is Allah?

This is an example of nothing but having a strong conviction that Allah is the Most Powerful and the One in control of everything. Allah mentions this historical event in the Quran:

“If you do not aid the Prophet – Allah has already aided him when those who disbelieved had driven him out [of Makkah] as one of two, when they were in the cave and he said to his companion, “Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us.” And Allah sent down his Tranquility upon him and supported him with angels you did not see and made the word of those who disbelieved the lowest, while the Word of Allah – that is the Highest. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.” (Quran, 9:40)


Example 2:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was having his mid-day sleep under a tree, with his sword hanging on one of the branches. A Bedouin suddenly came and took the Prophet’s sword. The Prophet (peace be upon him) woke up and the Bedouin asked him, “Who will protect you from me?” He (peace be upon him) replied, “Allah”. The sword fell from the bedouin’s hand and the Prophet (peace be upon him) took his sword. (Bukhari)


Benefit of having good opinion of Allah

It makes life easy and productive. When we have husn udh-dhann billah, we’d have a sense of peace and inner calm which pushes us to do good with the belief that Allah will reward us and grant us success.

Husn udh-dhann billah also increases our tawakkul (trust) where we do our best and then leave the result up to Allah. If we had a bad opinion of Allah (soo’udhann billah) then we wouldn’t strive hard in life, nor would we wish to achieve anything because we would not expect anything good to happen to us.

We also need to keep in mind that good opinion has to be followed by good actions. We can’t be mean to people or disobey Allah and then expect that He be kind to us.

“And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out and will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent”. (Quran, 65:2-3)


How to Develop Husn udh-Dhann Billah

1) Making du’a with certainty

Making du’a is not only action of the lips but also includes the intention in one’s heart. People may raise their hands in making du’a but may not be sincere in asking Allah. They either make their minds up that Allah is never going to answer, or they preoccupy their minds so much with worldly thoughts that making dua becomes merely a ritual.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Call upon Allah when you are certain of a response, and know that Allah does not accept any supplication from a heart that is unfocused and distracted.” (Tirmidhi)

2) The intention of our deeds

Performing deeds solely for Allah’s Pleasure and having firm belief that Allah will accept them and reward us in the best way are yet other ways of imbibing husn udh-dhann billah. Else, we would never attempt at anything good or we may easily give up half-way questioning ourselves, ‘why bother when our actions are not bringing instant results or the way we want them to turn out?’

3) Belief in Allah’s Promise

Husn udh-dhann billah also refers to believing that Allah always keeps His word and will grant us all that He promises. For instance, if He Promises ease with every hardship, then indeed we will have that ease. If Allah Promises us increase in our sustenance if we spend in His way, then we must have firm belief in that too.

4) Repenting & seeking forgiveness

Allah says, “O My servants, you commit error night and day and I am there to Pardon your sins, so beg pardon from Me so that I should Grant you Pardon.” (Muslim)

This teaches us to sincerely repent and seek forgiveness from Allah with the hope that He will accept our repentance and forgive us. If we did not have this certainty in our hearts, then we will never seek forgiveness and perhaps will keep on sinning. Not expecting Allah to Forgive us or Grant us what we ask him is despairing of His Mercy and not believing in His Word.

5) Trials & tribulations

The most crucial stage to have a good opinion of Allah is when calamity falls upon the believer. It is very easy to complain at that time, lose hope and be in the worst state of negativity. But a believer knows that trials occur only due to Allah’s infinite Wisdom, and to purify and increase us in closeness to Him. We might not understand why we are suffering but being positive in those times will help us to accept Allah’s Decree and make us realize that tests from Allah are in our best interest which we may comprehend only later.

The Prophets and Messengers of Allah had pinned all their hopes onto Allah, most especially when all odds were stacked against them. The fire was cooled for Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Yunus came out of the belly of a fish and Prophet Zakariya was blessed with a child even though he was old and his wife barren. Why? Because they knew that Allah would respond to their pleas and get them out of every situation no matter how impossible they seemed.

Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people.” (Surah Yusuf: 87)

6) Remember death

Finally, we are encouraged to remember Allah’s Mercy & Forgiveness on our death beds so that when we leave this world, we are hopeful of meeting our Lord.

Three days before Prophet (peace be upon him) passed away, said: “No one of you should die except thinking positively of Allah”. (Muslim)


Husn udh-Dhann Billah and Positive thinking

Having good opinion of Allah has one major byproduct – it makes us positive about life itself. This positive mindset will help us in keeping calm even during turbulences and help us get rid of pessimistic thoughts.

Having a positive outlook is the most important thing to bring ease in life especially when everything around us seems unbearable. It is the good belief that Allah is the Most Powerful, the Giver, our Savior & our Provider which will stop us from fearing people, and fear Allah instead. It will help us be consistent in our worship and teach us to ask from Allah alone rather than tiring ourselves in struggling to gaining acceptance from people. It frees us from the need of other human beings, and liberates us from following shaytaan and all those who follow him.


You may wonder: What if you did not experience success even though you worked hard and had good opinion of Allah? Well, remember that what seems like failure to us now will in fact bring only the best – even much better than what we had initially anticipated. It might be that Allah is saving us from something not in our knowledge. So we have to do our best in everything and accept His Divine Will that whatever we get is in our best interest and are thankful to Allah.

“But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” (Quran: 2:216)

His Greatness and my life…


By Bint Salman:

This world has a lot of great people, I mean influential people. There are great presidents, ministers,the rulers with power ruling people like me and you.We also have the celebrities who rule hearts and minds of masses or anyone with authority over you say your boss.They all have a few things in common: i.e: they can’t be reached easily, they’re most of the times haughty if not always, for them you’re a commoner, yeah they might be philanthropists but they might not genuinely and always love you and be with you all the time or fulfill all your wishes in life. Can you always expect favors, benefits, love, respect and their time from them? you might say; are you kidding me, I’d be glad if I manage to get just an autograph to showoff in front of my friends.Now, I want to ask you a question. Whom do you consider the most important & greatest in your life? I mean someone who has the most control over you, like every moment of your life is lived for them? Your love is for them, your tears are for them, your endeavors are for their sake, in fact your life and your death are them? Some of you would name your beloved, I mean the most important human being in your life.

Allah Subhanahuwata’ala is the Greatest of all”  and yet, you can reach Him so easily.You don’t need any appointment of any sort, just 5 daily prayers to talk to Him. He talks to you through Qura’an , the beautiful words of Master are here. Imagine, the Greatest of all loves you ,provides you and watches over you and is always there for you. He is with you everywhere through His knowledge.He should be the One in your heart, the most important One in your life without anyone or anything replacing Him.If only we knew our Master, our hearts would be so different. Our Prophet Sala’atu assalam knew Allah so well, He loved Allah more than anyone and anything, He missed Allah Subhanahu wata’ala so much in life that when he was given a choice, he chose to be with Allah over life of this world, he kept repeating ”In the Highest Company” right before his death because He wanted to be with Allah Subhanahu wata’ala. We on the other hand would we be so keen to be with Allah at the cost of leaving the comforts of this life, our spouses, our children? not to forget that the Messenger of Allah had the best people around him and he could get everything and anything.

The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to make this  duaa ,in a hadeeth in Sunan an-Nisaa’i (authenticated by Shaykh Albanee)

Allahumma Innī As’aluka Ladhdhata an-Naẓari ilā Wajhika wash Shawqa ilā Liqā’ik

O Allāh, I ask You for the delight of gazing at Your Countenance and the eagerness of meeting You.

Feeling the Greatness of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala:

Sometimes you don’t need to meditate alot to get that feeling of closeness with Allah. A simple conversation with someone can remind you of His Greatness, some baffling event in life can make you aware of the Greatness of Allah. The words of Allah, ayaat in the Qura’an remind you of His greatness. The ayaat (signs) of Allah in universe remind you of His Greatness. A wonderful meal, a simple meal, bring the thoughts of Greatness of Allah in your mind.You ending up in some difficult situation, make you realize that He is the only Super Power who has put you in this and it’s only His Control over things that can deliver you from grief.Salaah five times a day start with you declaring Allahu Akbar. Just try to feel the power of these words, they make you feel so insignificant, so incapable, so meek, so small. This feeling takes you on khushu mode, it can lead you to developing ihsaan (excellence) in your salah. It’s not just that you are aware that Allah is watching you, it affects your heart. His Magnificence makes you feel so small and unworthy. You are simply awed by His Greatness.All you need is a heart that reflects and feels.Obviously you don’t have to adopt monasticism but take  some time out and be alone in with Allah. Talk to Him, tell Him about your vulnerability and let those tears of love flow. They will qualify you for His shade on the day of Judgment.

The impact of Knowledge of His Greatness:

-Once the Greatness of Allah is established in your heart and mind and soul. It should become hard to disobey Allah Subhanahu wata’ala. When you realize the worth of someone in your life, wont you hate to displease them and distance yourself from them? .. Yet, we humans are forgetful, we easily forget the same Great Creator who is just Perfect, Merciful, Loving.We go against Him, engage in acts which displease Him. We should work to the best of our ability to please Him and attain His love.You know what follows that? You won’t believe me, but if you and I work enough to earn His pleasure, we attain His love and this is what ends up happening, which I can’t even imagine:

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “When Allah Almighty loves a slave, He calls out to Jibril, ‘Allah Almighty loves so-and-so, so love him!’ and Jibril loves him. Then a call goes out among the people of heaven, ”Allah Almighty loves so-and-so, so love him!’ and the people of heaven love him. Then acceptance is placed in the earth for him.” [Agreed upon]

– His Greatness, makes you feel strong in face of hardships and calamities. When you’re being physically abused or emotionally tortured or facing difficult times, rely on His Greatness. You can’t and you shouldn’t turn to anyone else why? because Allah is the Greatest. This is one of the duas from the sunnah ,the dua one is supposed to make where he mentions the greatness of Allah when in distress. It’s the attribute ‘Adheem’- Great, by which you invoke your Master. He is Great and has all the power to take you out of your distress.

“La ilaaha ill-Allaah al-‘Azeem ul-Haleem, Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah Rabb il-‘arsh il-‘azeem, Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah Rabb is-samawaati wa Rabb il-ard wa Rabb il-‘arsh il-kareem (there is none worthy of worship other than Allaah, the Most Great, the Forbearing; there is none worthy of worship other than Allaah, the Lord of the Magnificent  Throne; there is none worthy of worship other than Allaah, Lord of the heavens and the earth, Lord of the Glorious throne).” (Bukhari & Muslim)

A means to attain happiness and contentment:

His Greatness in life takes you on a path of happiness, gratitude and contentment. It doesn’t mean an exemption from struggles and pains. What actually happens is that things become easy, your heart gets peace and satisfaction and you come in terms with the difficulties in life. Say for example, you might have reached a marriageable age,yet you aren’t getting married…it doesn’t take a toll on you rather it teaches you patience, gratitude and helps you develop trust in Allah.

May we have that heart which is awed by the Greatness of Allah. A heart which finds solace in nothing but submitting itself to the Great Master. A heart which is reminded of the Greatness of Allah by His signs everywhere. A heart and soul that badly desire to meet and see the Great Master.Ameen.

‘To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and He is the Most High, the Most Great’ (Qura’an: 42:4)

‘So exalt the name of your Lord, the most Great’ ( Qura’an 56:74)

I Wonder How Much He Loves Me!


By Umm ‘Aisha

I wonder how much He loves me. He never scolds me on my faults, he never punishes me, and He never says I have become bad and most of all He never tells anyone what wrongs I did.

He never lets anybody see my inner feelings. At times I am not what people think I am, he never discloses it to anyone, not even when I hurt people and disobey his commands.
Sometimes I want to unveil my bad qualities and bad habits to all those who love me, just to tell them that I don’t deserve their love, just to tell them that I am not that good as much He has made me in their eyes and then He stops me from doing this because he does not like His people to hate me, He gets angry if I expose my bad habits to others but he never gets angry if I commit any sin in solitude or when nobody is watching me, He always welcomes my repentance. When immediately after disobeying him I say “O my LORD, my true GOD, please forgive me!!” He accepts my sorry in a jiffy.

How truly He has said:

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?
(Surah Ar Rahman 55:13)

I can never know how much blessings I have been favored with, I can’t thank Him ever!!
I wish I was not this much bad because ALLAH does not want me to be bad…but I am, with all my efforts, I am still bad, I am still a sinner, and I commit grievous sins at times.
And then again I am put to shame by my own acts, when I see my Lord always forgiving me!!
I start thinking that I don’t deserve good people, because I am not good.
But yet my ALLAH gives me more love, more loving people.
I always feel that I don’t care about anyone. Yet ALLAH gives me people who care for me a lot.
I am put to shame by my own acts, by my own words but ALLAH never leaves me alone.
I transgress His limits yet He does not punish me.

They say mothers forgive every fault of yours.
They say fathers never say NO to your wishes.
They say your siblings are your ultimate friends.
They say your family never leaves you when you are in any trouble.
But I have seen mothers who don’t forgive, and I have seen fathers who do say “NO”.
And I have seen siblings who do not bother about you, and I have witnessed many families leaving their relatives alone at the time of need.

But I have never ever heard that ALLAH does not forgive, or He says “NO” to your duaas, now I know that there is only one best friend and that is ALLAH.

And I have found Him just the same, not a single wish He denies, not a single sin that he does not forgive, not a single moment that He leaves you alone, and yet I am His servant who disobeys Him!!

Ahh….what a grievous sinner I am and what a forgiving LORD, my ALLAH is!!
Ahh….what a hateful person I am and what a loving LORD, my ALLAH is!!
Ahh….what a poor soul I am and what a benevolent LORD, my ALLAH is!!
Ahh….O man you are indeed in a loss!!
Ahh….O man you are indeed transgressing your limits!!
Ahh….O man you are really ungrateful!!

Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?
(Surah Ar Rahman 55:13)


Come Back!


By Umm ‘Aisha

Sometimes all of a sudden- life changes, from being blessed to being wretched, from being at the top of the world to becoming down-trodden. All of a sudden we start facing problems in every single aspect of our life, everything we try- we fail in it. Be it physical, spiritual, familial, social, economical, psychological- you name it.

All of a sudden we see people who once loved us- are now betraying, the business we were experts at- is severely challenged, the family which was a support- has left us on our own, the health we adored- is now worn-out, the beauty we owned- has departed, leaving us ugly. All of a sudden we- who were looked up by people are now looked down upon- ALL OF A SUDDEN?!

How come is it ‘all of a sudden’?!

We start questioning the purpose of us- being alive, as if we don’t deserve life anymore. We don’t find any aim to live up for; we lose our passions- and start drowning into the episodes of Depression- the insomnias- the low appetite- the lack of interest in all meaningful things; crying and blaming become our new personality and we end up becoming introverts.

The cycle goes on until we wake up! Wake up from the deceptive sleep, and try to find out the actual WHY!

After failing in all our efforts, tired of  always ending-up in nowhere, when all resources eventually back-out and we are in complete darkness of despair, we feel the Only open Door- that One Door which we have forgotten through-out our struggle. The Door we should have knocked in the beginning. And then we realize the truth of: There is no Might except with Al-Qadir, there is no way except with Al-Haadi, there is no comforter except The One who removes all the evil, there is no healer except Ash-Shaafi, there is no business and job except with Ar-Razzaq, and there is no love except with Al-Wadood.

And we find out the actual answer of our WHYS:


And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind.” [20:124]

Isn’t this true? Isn’t it the ‘actual reason’? Isn’t it the correct answer to all our Whys?

Yes! It is.

But it doesn’t end here- it doesn’t increase the guilt and leaves us to commit suicide. It wasn’t because He s.w.t hates us, it wasn’t because He had disowned us when we went away from Him and it wasn’t because He had stopped loving us like the rest of the world. For He is our only Well-wisher and He explains the reason why we went into that depressive mode- why didn’t He help us out of our problems and why He wanted us to fall in all those pains-6_42


  And We have already sent (messengers) to nations before you, then We seized them with poverty and hardship that perhaps they might humble themselves (to Us). [6:42]

So now we know that all those hardships were to make us humble- to make us remember that only purpose for which we were created- to make us go back to the One we came from and to make us say:

إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ

Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return. [2:156]

Lets then go back and repent- and cry- and feel ashamed on forgetting Him, on forgetting the purpose of our being and lets witness His Mercy again, lets enjoy His countless blessings once again and lets see how much He cares for us and how much He loves us. And also- lets not forget Him again. In sha ALLAH.

 اسْتَغْفِرُوا رَبَّكُمْ إِنَّهُ كَانَ غَفَّارًا                

يُرْسِلِ السَّمَاءَ عَلَيْكُم مِّدْرَارًا 

وَيُمْدِدْكُم بِأَمْوَالٍ وَبَنِينَ وَيَجْعَل لَّكُمْ جَنَّاتٍ وَيَجْعَل لَّكُمْ أَنْهَارًا

Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is ever a Perpetual Forgiver.

He will send [rain from] the sky upon you in [continuing] showers

And give you increase in wealth and children and provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers. [71:10-12]

And we shouldn’t worry thinking: if ALLAH will accept us back or not- for if we are alive and if our breaths are intact, He is waiting for our ‘come-back’, for our repentance and He is ready to welcome us with all His Rehmah and blessings.

O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. [Hadith Qudsi]