Get Started

Follow these simple steps given below to get started:


Send an email to stating you are interested in counseling.


 Fill in the required details in the intake form (details like educational, occupational, medical, relationship history, marital status, age, etc. You need not reveal your name in this form). This form will be emailed to you.

 So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Start your counseling session without any further delay!


Availing our counseling services implies that you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

  1. You agree that you are entering the counseling voluntarily.
  2. You agree and acknowledge that you will not use the counseling service for any illegal activity.
  3. You acknowledge that our counseling services are not responsible for any decision or action taken by you based on the service given. It is wholly your responsibility.
  4. We will maintain complete confidentiality, unless legally compelled to disclose information, or we feel that there might be harm to you/someone else.
  5. During the counseling process, you may experience some emotional distress, since painful issues are being talked about. You acknowledge that you are aware of this before starting the counseling.
  6. You agree that in case of a crisis, you will contact a local counselor.
  7. You acknowledge and understand that the advantages and disadvantages of internet counseling.
  8. You acknowledge that we are not associated with any terrorist group or activity, nor do you promote such ideas.
  9. In case you are late for the appointment, the counselor will wait for 20 minutes for you and then leave that session after which you need to reschedule another session with her.
  10. All correspondence for counseling will take place via emails/live chats/skype calls. You need to set up a skype id for this purpose. If you wish to correspond via phone, you will need to make the call.
  11. You acknowledge that appointments will be given on a first come first serve basis.
  12. You agree to fill a small feedback form at the time of termination.
  13. You agree that you will not be given personal contact details of the counselors.
  14. You agree that on the basis of your lack of interest, non-serious attitude or noncompliance the counseling team will wait for 20 days and then will automatically terminate their services to you.
  15. You agree that you will not be prescribed any sort of medication.


  1. Please I desperately need counseling for myself and my son who has been in prison twice. He is 25 and doesn’t seem to know how to get it together. This has caused me to get so depressed, suffer anxiety attacks and I can’t see a way forward


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