Following are the issues that we can help you with Inshaa’ALLAH:

  1. Abuse
  2. Adolescent Issues
  3. Anger
  4. Anxiety
  5. Bereavement, Grief and Loss
  6. Body Image/ Perfectionism
  7. Decision Making
  8. Depression/Loneliness
  9. Premarital and Marital Issues
  10. Examination Stress and Fear
  11. Failure
  12. Forgiveness
  13. Guilt
  14. Jealousy
  15. School and University Issues
  16. Relationship Problems
  17. Self-Esteem/Confidence Building
  18. Parent-Child Issues
  19. Sexual Life Issues
  20. Stress Management


  1. Assalam u alaikum wr wb!
    I just wanted to drag your attention towards a social problem that many people come across in daily life. I noticed it personally that how harmful it is for the doers and the sufferers both. Its…. to make fun out of every thing, or in urdu you will call it, ‘istahzaa n mazaq”. We dont realize the pain others feel when we make fun of each n every act of others.Even the buzarg hazraat do like this. Yes we have to show patience. But I want you to kindly help us to get rid of this bad habit from our lives.
    Looking forward for your kind reply.
    JazakAllah khair


  2. I think adding domestic violence and childhood abuse would be received with much relief, being that these two issues are much more prominent amongst Muslims than we would like to recognize or admit to. Ignoring the traumatic effects of such circumstances only furthers the trauma.


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