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Take A Fresh Start!

Do you think you are taking a wrong turn in life and you aren’t sure where you are headed?

Do you feel there is a vacuum, a deep hollowness inside you?

Do loneliness and depression seem inevitable to you?

Do you feel helpless fighting back guilt, remorse,lack of confidence and insecurity?

Have you been a victim of long standing verbal and physical abuse?

Have you been played upon by others? left deserted, wrecked and bruised? Are you being bullied, humiliated and taken advantage of by others?

Have you always faced disappointments in relationships?

Are you unable to fix your terrible self-esteem and ego problems?

Do you fail to get what you want in life and what do you aim for?

Or have you simply pushed yourself into the belief that you are a huge failure? So you might be tired and sick of everything that went wrong or hasn’t turned out exactly the way you ever pictured or wanted. Totally fed-up you want things to change, so why not start from now? All you got to do is to just move on, take a fresh healthy start. BUT HOW??

Don’t worry, we at Ar-Rajaa- The Hope are here to help you by providing you with a wide range of practical solutions, Insha’Allah.

As we all know that clouds have silver linings, diseases aren’t without their cures, poisons aren’t without their antidotes, just like that:


We will assist you by getting to the core of issues , helping you escalate slowly mending and fixing things till the entire issues are resolved, Insha’Allah but not without your honest and sincere cooperation. We encourage you to:

– Be hopeful and optimistic regardless of your situation.

– Motivated and determined to step up.

– Positively energized.

– Passionate to change for the better.

– Honest and sincere with yourself.

Remember: ‘You certainly have the power to change the course of your life. Destiny is from Allah but the choice is often yours.’

Wait..we aren’t yet finished. We would like to share the best part of our service which is truly amazing and wonderful!

Our counselors don’t have a merely Duniya oriented approach, rather their aim is far bigger and aspirations high.They are determined enough to put their efforts to make us find our lost legacy. They work to impact the Ummah at large by empowering our women through guidance from Qur’an, Sunnah and lives of those inspirational figures of our Islamic history ( the early generations of Muslims) thus reviving what has been tarnished,faded and lost down the generations till our times today. So here you get multiple benefits from a counseling which is a blend of modern strategies with Islamic guidelines and principles, Insha’Allah.

This service is primary for Muslim females. However if sisters from any religion other than Islam are interested in availing our free professional counseling services, we will be more than happy to  help. We detest all forms of prejudice done on the basis of religion and cast.


  1. Mashallah! very good effort.i have been victim of very bitter trauma ,i know how it feel. my friends and teachers help me in my rough times.after this i always want to help others as others help me. i want to join u in work. i have psychology background doing Quran course myself,hopefully i am beneficial for the team. i have good computer skills,can manage ur fb page as well. plz let me know if i can do anything voluntarily .


  2. hello, I just checked out this website… it seems interesting, I’m definitely looking for some guidance to help me, I sent an email and I hope you can reply back, I could use some help as well, thank you, and Jazza Allah khair for what you do, ameen


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