E-Books and Other Reading Material

 Marriage and Intimacy:

 Family and Relationships:

Youth Issues:

Dealing with Trials and Negative Emotions:

Personal and Spiritual Development:

Back to the Sources: Stories of the Prophets:

Back to the Sources: Biographies of Companions:

Tazkiyyah and Tarbiyyah:


Black Magic, Evil Eye and Ruqya:

Disclaimer: The Resources provided on this page are for educational purposes only. We request you to please treat these as an amaanah of the writers/authors and refrain from reproducing them in order to gain from them commercially. JazakumAllaahu Khayra!


  1. Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…

    Masha Allah its really nice. The one thing which I liked the most is the division of areas and putting materials under heading.its so organize that one can reach to the correct source and cure with one cilck in sha Allah …..
    Well done Ar -Rajaa…:)
    May Allah bless you all immensely and accept your efforts …ameen….:)

    Jazakallah khair


  2. AOA,
    i realy like this website.thx for this information.May ALLAH accept ur struggles n give u best reward in this duniya n in akhirah.plz do mail us such stuff so that we can get benefit from these sources.JAZAKALLAH KHAIR


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